How To Get Instagram Followers

Instagram is quickly becoming a focal point for brands looking to use social media to connect with current and potential new customers—and for good reason, With high engagement rates and over 500 million active monthly users, it comes as no surprise then that gaining more Instagram followers is a high priority for any business using the platform. Unfortunately there’s no magic formula on how to get Instagram followers, but there are ways of improving your Instagram strategy so that more of your ideal audience can find—and follow—you.

How to Get Instagram Followers

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the tactics we at Hootsuite have seen to be the most effective for get followers on Instagram. Want to jump ahead? Click the buttons below to jump to the sections you want to focus on.

Create a clear Instagram strategy

Using any social network aimlessly can lead to wasted resources and a low return on investment—and Instagram is no exception. Having a strategy in place will help you define what you want to achieve, so you can better target and attract new followers relevant to your business.Whether you’re starting from scratch or adjusting your current Instagram efforts, here are three elements for building a solid Instagram strategy.

Research your competitors

  1. What a realistic following looks like for businesses in your niche or industry.
  2. The type of content other businesses in your niche or industry post—and whether or not it’s working.
  3. The frequency at which your audience will expect you to post content.
  4. How other businesses are engaging with your ideal audience.

How To Get Instagram followers by making your Instagram account more visible

If you’re struggling to attract new followers on Instagram, a simple (yet often overlooked) solution is to make it easier for people to find you. Increase the number of ways that potential new followers can discover your Instagram account. Here are some specific suggestions:

Announce your Instagram account to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social network you’ve already built a following on. Consider boosting these posts with paid advertising to ensure that more of your followers make it to your Instagram account.

For example, Sony Mobile directed their Facebook audience to their Instagram account in this post by focusing on a specific product. This gave their audience a clear reason to follow them on Instagram. They also used a custom URL, allowing them to track success by comparing the number of clicks on the link with the number of new followers they gained on Instagram

Link to your Instagram account on your website, in your email signature, and in newsletters so that more people in contact with your brand online can find you on social media.

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